Testosterone Booster Review

Improved performance and appearance

This stuff really works!  I have been using best testosterone boosters now for about three months and I have seen some quality gains, both in my performance and in my appearance.

First, some background information.  I am a thirty three year old mail, and I have been lifting for about six years now. I only really lift to stay in shape and keep the pounds off, and I do not really use any supplements, other than trying to get some protein in after a good session. A few years back I started taking ZMA (actually for migraines) and thought I might get some work out benefits from it, too, but I did not notice anything significant.

Works almost right away

So three months ago I was doing some reading and came across an article about testosterone boosters, and how once you get to be my age you should really consider one.  I found the MuscleTech Test HD booster, and since the price was good and it got good reviews I went ahead and purchased it.  After about a week and a half of using it I started to notice some major gains.

Huge gains

Now, if I hit the gym consistently I can usually add five pounds to my lifts once every month or two.  But after I started taking the MuscleTech, I was adding five, sometimes ten pounds to my lifts every week.  It was like there was a whole new person breaking through from underneath.  And I am pretty sure my body composition changed, too.  With my increased lifts I packed on a respectable amount of muscle, enough that my parents and people who had not seen me in a while started commenting on how good I looked.  And it was true, I had definitely gained some size and definition, all while losing a little bit of weight too.  Last week, I was able to do my first 1.5 times body weight squat, even!

I have not really noticed if this gives me any extra energy, as some of the reviews said it might.  Then again, I was never that lethargic of a person beforehand.  One this is for sure though, taking this testosterone booster significantly improved my performance at the gym.  I was a bit skeptical going in to this, but now that I have seen the results I would recommend this product to any guy wanting to lift more, and I do.

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