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Are you tired of trying to lose weight without using the best weight loss pills? Tired of trying a new diet every few months? Did you know that diets don’t work? Want to learn how to lose some extra pounds without dieting, but by simply learning more effective ways how to trick our metabolism?


Before I became a fitness trainer and nutritional coach, I had stumbled across an e-book that promised weight-loss.  Before ever reading that book, I probably tried numerous diets and work-out routines to lose weight and to firm up my body.  Nothing ever worked for more than three months.  Eventually, this e-book became my best friend.  I had lost 25 pounds almost effortlessly.  Today, I can even add more information to what I already knew from before,  important facts what will further ease your way into a beautiful and healthy body.

It is important to remember that effective weight loss can only be achieved over a longer period of time.  The faster you are trying to lose your weight, the faster it will come back.  Set some realistic goals.  Don’t stress out over it, and definitely don’t weigh yourself on a daily basis.

Get in the habit of drinking of plenty of water.  An average-built person should drink about three liters of water.  You may also calculate your recommended fluid intake by multiplying your body weight in kilos by 0.035.  For every 30 minutes of athletic activity, you should supply your body with another 0.5 liters of water.  In other words, if you weigh 70 kilos, doing 30 minutes of work-out per day, then you should not fall below three liters of water per day.  To boost your metabolism, you may also drink some green tea.  Don’t overdo it though.  Upon rising in the morning, you may also drink a warm glass of water with the juice of half a lemon.  This will give your kidneys a little detoxification boost, increasing their performance.

Designate three days out of the week as your watch-days.  Let’s say, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  Those are the days that you will focus on low-calorie food without starving yourself.  On the other days, you will eat regularly.  Nevertheless, don’t eat all you can on those days just because you did not get some of that delicious lasagna the day before.  Stay reasonable.  The key here is to trick our metabolism by switching back and forth.

Important fact is that you do need to supply your body with plenty of protein to melt the fat.  You should get some protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Protein for breakfast could be a yoghurt.  At lunch you could have some meat or fish with a salad.  At dinner time maybe an omelette or some scrambled eggs or even some ham with some cottage cheese.  Since it is important to eat five to six times per day, don’t leave out your healthy snacks such as fruit, yoghurt, almonds, etc.

On your regular days try to consume more calories than on your watch days but still watch out for excessive amounts of fat and sugar.  Don’t forget to eat five to six times on those days as well.
In general it is best to replace your soft drinks with water and to avoid any aspartame or artificial sweeteners.

If you can, then stay away from white flour products as often as you can.  This includes bread, cakes, pasta.  Once in a while a yummy croissant isn’t going to kill you, just don’t make it a habit.  White flour is a very processed product, and there is nothing truly nutritious about it.

Exercising is a key ingredient for weight loss but you don’t have to kill yourself to achieve your goal.  Three times a week for 30 minutes each time is plenty as long as it is an effective workout, focusing on your problem areas by enhancing your muscle and burning additional fat.

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